EU eases trade rules to Jordan

Officials said the EU and Jordan The Union eased trade rules with the Arab state in return for allowing thousands of refugees Syrians working in Jordanian companies.
And you'll Jordanian companies that employ a certain number of refugees on the deduction or exemption of duties on many of its exports to the European Union for the next ten years.
The move comes as European support for Jordan 's economy , which is suffering from the pressure and the presence of more than 650 thousand Syrians have fled the ongoing conflict in the country.
In February last, Union acknowledged during a donors ' conference in London, a strategy designed to stem the flow of asylum seekers to Europe through the improvement of the situation of refugees in the neighboring countries of Syria.
Said Johannes Hahn Commissioner for organic expansion and European Neighbourhood Policy Affairs of the Union: "I am convinced that this decision will strengthen the steadfastness of Jordan in the face of the refugee crisis."
He said Jordanian Minister of Planning and Imad Fakhoury This is an opportunity to turn the Syrian refugee crisis into an economic opportunity. Adding that Jordan can take advantage of them additional laborers in sectors that do not adversely affect the employment opportunities for Jordanians.
Fakhouri said that the European Union has also allocated soft loans and grants worth 747 million euros in the years 2016 and 2017