Holland solidarity with Germany after the Munich attack

. French President Francois Hollande Saturday July 23 its solidarity with Germany after the bloody attack in Munich.
Despite the failure of the German authorities to describe the attack to the terrorist act Hollande said that the shooting , which took place in Munich is "abhorrent terrorist attack" aimed at provoking fear in Germany after targeting France last week.
Gunman killed a German of Iranian descent at the age of 18 years , at least nine people on Friday , releasing fire in a crowded shopping center in Munich, but city police said it was too early to say whether this was a terrorist attack.
Holland said in a statement that " the terrorist attack in Munich and killed many people distasteful act aimed at provoking fear in Germany after other European countries .. Germany will resist and they can count on France 's friendship and cooperation."
He added that he will talk with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday morning.