Tehran: Adel al-Jubeir live difficult days

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said, we can understand that the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al - Jubeir over the tough days on the eve of publication of the confidential report of the eleventh of September / September, as he was waiting for days to come harder.
He said Ghasemi, that Jubair , who strained these days to remove the effects of the intervention leaders, politicians and public institutions of his country in various terrorist operations in recent decades, imagines that he can distract the attention of the world public opinion about the scandals endless for his country as Godmother Qaeda and Daash by suspending it on the peg abroad.
He emphasized Ghasemi, no doubt he can not conceal the dimensions and the implications of such important information about the sources of the country sponsor of terrorism from the viewpoint of international public opinion and the people that were victim of terrorism in the years that followed the atheist tenth of September / September 2001.
He said it appears that Jubair when faced with frustration called funny statements about our country.
"I recommended him in such situations to avoid making declarations and think over the consequences of his statements."