Immigration Minister: forcing the displaced to return to their towns violation of the Constitution

Twilight News / counting and Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed on Saturday backside calls made from a number of provinces claim displaced and forced to return to their home areas in violation of the constitution, which provides for freedom of residence and move as stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 44, attributing the lack of return of many families the displaced to their original domicile liberated areas of non-readiness on the level of services and security as well as homes damaged by military operations that took place in those cities.
The minister urged in a statement responded to the Twilight News, provinces that intends to force the displaced families to leave and return to their original cities to reverse the move and that the presence of these families will not pose any danger of demographic change suggests the host provinces. The student in the same frame liberated provinces to expedite the creation of the right of health services, water and electricity to restore the largest number of displaced air. The eighth minister hosting the provinces for the displaced position of the ministry and expressed his thanks for the efforts and services provided by since the beginning of the displacement crisis.