Baghdad operations cleanse homes and roads and destroy terrorist displayed is flag claimed cutter additives

2016-07-22 11:35

Baghdad scales news

The Baghdad operations command, confirmed Friday, Clearing houses and roads and destroy explosive materials and additives In its responsibility.

CENTCOM statement/balance of news copy, " Our security events continues in clearing roads and address as prescriptive home bomb military engineering first Expeditionary task force (50), (6) explosive bomb homes in Fallujah also managed the band from commando Regiment force execution of duty within Fallujah and find a House that contains a different number of packages (35) & rulers explosion (700) and other explosive materials.

"While military engineering prescriptive band (14) of the implementation of the second-wave cutter duty within the Brigade (51) saqlawiyah area of clearing a house number (36) and health centre number (1) and the number of street cleansing (3) length (1500) meters and managed to force the Third Regiment of the Brigade (52) vine area of clearing a house number (14) and (1) farm and poultry field number (1) and cleanse the dirt along the street (250) meters.

She "managed to force of Brigade headquarters (22) band (6) inspection of the Canal zone north of Baghdad and found the belt contains added number (1) and (4) an explosive motorcycle number (1) and (4) detonators also managed another force from General above find added (2).

She noted that " I managed to force of Brigade headquarters (59) band (6) implement the duty at Nibai, North of Baghdad, the area and found two Kalashnikov rifles and an explosive number (2) and processed While the strength of a brigade headquarters (23) band (17) to implement duty in almdanik area, South of Baghdad, destroying enemy added number (2) and handle an explosive number (2) also managed to force the Third Regiment Brigade (23) handle (2) explosive in Tal al-Samar southern Baghdad

As well as arresting the wanted according to different legal articles over the past 24 hours in different parts of Baghdad. "