Know the terms contained in the memorandum of understanding between Washington and ARPEL?

2016-07-22 12:49

Baghdad scales news

Memorandum of understanding between the Pentagon and two civilians in Kurdistan in Exchange for conditions Financial assistance to pay cops .

The Iraqi Defense Ministry issued a clarification with Respect to the memorandum of understanding between the Pentagon and two civilians in Kurdistan for assistance in pilot salaries $ 415 million dollars and that what was signed between the Pentagon and two civilians in Kurdistan is not witnessed Yeh but MOU terms of u.s. assistance pilot salaries .

F The note does not include any presence of military bases to American side or the international coalition or any other sovereign order which is exclusively the prerogative of the Government of the Federal Republic of Iraq .

While the Pentagon The approval of the Iraqi Government to provide financial assistance to pay cops, grant has been imposed on the region by the donor .

The note comes:

Increase the number of cops in front defensive lines to prevent any infiltration by terrorist Islamic State gangs .

Mobile forces to assist in Nineveh edits that needed it. .

Attribution of the international coalition in training and arming elements of the crowd inside the territory of Kurdistan Auditors by Iraqi Government contexts .

Full cooperation and coordination with the Iraqi Government in Nineveh edits .

Keep backup and enable Iraqi security forces from using the territory of Kurdistan in Nineveh operations .

Attribution and enable a temporary increase of coalition forces in northern Iraq to Nineveh including edits using territory in northern Iraq temporarily (After the Iraqi Government approval ) .

From the date of activation of this note are two troop withdrawal and other territory from forces liberated areas in Nineveh operations according to a schedule approved by the Iraqi Government. .

Fundamental reforms and clear in two civilians leading to financial transparency by territory in check numbers and salaries