Urgent Reuters: Abadi wants to break into the connector next October

2016/7/22 10:24

[Oan- follow-up]

Reuters news agency said, quoting officials as, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wants to break into the city of Mosul of al Daash terrorist to release it by October. "
Reuters "reported although no announcement that Iraqi and American officials timetable to march on the city's resident senior diplomat in Baghdad, a Western official said that al-Abadi wants to enter Mosul in October next."

He adds that "the Western officials said that the restoration of the city without a plan to restore security and basic services in addition to the necessary funds and personnel to implement that threatens to repeat the mistake the Bush administration in 2003 Baillstha, the government has no plans for new ones."

The US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said yesterday on the sidelines of a meeting of foreign and defense ministers of the international coalition in Washington, DC on Thursday that the "isolation of tenderness from the connector will contribute to the defeat of Daash," adding that "this week will finalize a plan to defeat Daash, and whenever we defeated the organization in Iraq and Syria have been the best situation in the other countries of the world. "

At what Brett Macgork US envoy to the international coalition said during a meeting in Washington that "the liberation of Mosul is near now must be done to prepare for this carefully," adding that "the detailed planning is to ensure that relief organizations are moving quickly to provide food, shelter and other ways to help to nearly one million people living in the city under the rule of the organization. "

Iraqi forces began more than a three-month military campaign from Makhmour southeast of Mosul, to restore those areas of the Daash and crawling toward the city.

Iraqi forces also opened a new front in the wake of the restoration of Fallujah Daash weeks before the attack on the strongholds of terrorists northern Salahuddin province, which forms the southern border of the conductor.

And they achieved rapid progress of those forces even Qayyarah air base reached and recovered in the last two weeks of Daash, and intends to Baghdad's use of the base as a springboard to attack the strongholds of terrorists in Mosul with the determination of the United States to send 560 US adviser to support the Iraqi government's efforts to restore the city.