Bahraini king 's son joins (Daash) and calls his father to join

Caught social networking reactions from the Arab street after reports about the defection of Prince "Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa," the fourth son of Bahrain's king and the commander of the Royal Guard, and he fled to territory controlled by what is known as organized "Daash" across the Turkish border.

In a letter published by the organization "Daash," Nasser bin Hamad urged the citizens of his country's immigration and mass to join the organization, which controls the vast territory in Syria and Iraq.

The agency quoted the "depths" of the organization "Daash" Prince Fugitive Bahraini, aged 29, said: "As the ruling family member I am having an army of staff to meet every desire and bestows the empty laudable, I began to think carefully about Westerners Balsalibin especially Americans, who are wreaking havoc in our country the aim of the looting of our natural resources and the extermination of our traditions. "

He said Prince Nasser "I left my children and my life well-off and Kasuri luxury to fight with the crusaders and infidels and to defend the faith and dignity of Muslims while my father became a tyrant creature of the Americans who have turned the land of Bahrain to a naval base, it must repent and pay allegiance to the Muslim caliph," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, "he said.

Located Fifth Fleet of the US Navy in Bahrain in Bahrain is witnessing turbulent days because of the repression against pro-democracy movement policy, where the Bahraini regime stripped Sheikh Issa Qassem most prominent cleric in Saudi Arabia, which adopt peaceful means to meet the increasing and the regime's brutality against the majority of Bahrain's population of 1.3 million inhabitants.

In mid-February 2011 peace movement erupted demanding democracy in Bahrain to be inspired by similar democratic movements in other Arab countries, but the Bahraini government begged repressive practices using Pakistani mercenaries to suppress the activists not to mention the intervention of Saudi Arabia to stop the popular uprising.

According to human rights organizations about the occurrence of torture and sexual abuse in the Dry Dock prison, while witnesses supported the use of German Shepherd Dogs personally by Prince Nasser, in order to terrorize and taking forced confessions from prisoners.

Addressing Prince Nasir and his father in his Balkhjul and cowardly, adding that his father "clung Bosaadh Americans in order to save his throne as practically handed the independence and sovereignty of our country to the infidel Americans," he said.

Nasser described as the Bahraini king's son as "Su luck" in what was considered "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," the spiritual leader.

Human rights organizations have published alarming reports about allegations of torture of political activists. According to 15 of the activists reported being brutally beaten by Prince Nasir in the Dry Dock prison.