International Alliance Against Aldaoash preparing for the battles of Mosul and tenderness

Preparing the international coalition against state regulation of society Thursday, at the invitation of the United States in Washington, to restore the bastions of the organization in Iraq's Mosul and the Syrian and tenderness.
The representative of the United States in the coalition Brett Macgork front of about forty of the foreign and defense ministers meeting at the invitation of the foreign and defense ministers of the Americans and John Kerry and Ashton Carter, the "liberation of Mosul has become the horizon."
He added that the campaign of Mosul, home to two million people, will be "more complex" in the editorial operations waged by Iraqi forces so far. According to a European official involved in the talks in Washington, the recently restored Fallujah and Qayyarah air base, which is the head of a key bridge to an attack on Mosul, it was "faster than expected" in the initial plans for the military alliance. But the coalition are worried now about what will happen during and after the liberation of the city, which is predominantly Sunni, but it also includes many of the minorities. Carter said: "We can not allow delaying efforts to achieve stability" in Iraq, in parallel with the current progress of the military alliance. Coalition forces and the -alta formed the summer of 2014- including at least 14 thousand strike in Syria and Iraq, is preparing with the Iraqi government to receive tens of thousands of refugees who had fled during the fighting. This requires preparations prior to the provision of emergency equipment, such as food aid or generators for relief. Allies also trying to determine the form of government in the city; where you must obtain the approval of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Macgork He explained: "We have to encourage all parties to put aside their differences," calling for "intense diplomatic efforts" made by the alliance with the Iraqis. For his part, the European official emphasized, saying: "You must be the political response" from fast Iraqis.
Escalating attacks
But despite the decline of state regulation in Iraq and Syria, showing allies worried about the escalation of attacks adopted by the organization, or that seem inspired by the idea. Kerry refers to the attacks committed in the name ideology of the organization, which is spreading all over the world via the Internet and social networks. It has become the armed organization in the process of transformation of the "fake state" to "a global network of terrorism," sole purpose "is to kill as many innocent people," according to US Secretary of State. He called on coalition countries to accelerate the exchange of information about terror suspects, he said, "must be able to border guards in southern Europe to see the same information in the possession of the security man at the Manila airport or the FBI in Boston (FBI)." As for the war propaganda on the Internet waged by the United Kingdom, which was represented at the meeting in Washington's new foreign minister, Boris Johnson, United Arab Emirates, began to bear fruit, according to Kerry. There are now becoming content "more" on the Internet against the organization's ideas of topics supporting them. Despite the optimism military victory against the organization, the allies remain very cautious about the schedule, including the attack on Mosul. For his part, Michael Fallon, the British defense minister said, "I am confident that we will see the beginning of the isolation of Mosul in the coming months." But a senior official in the alliance acknowledged that the total elimination of the control of the organization in Iraq and Syria, which are stationed in the "capital" of Raqqa, it might take "another year or year and a half."