Jaafari coalition calls on countries to implement Security Council resolutions to combat terrorism

Baghdad balances News
Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, on Friday, the coalition countries to implement UN Security Council resolutions 2170 and 2178, and 2199, and 2253, and activating the committees on these resolutions to combat terrorism and drying up funding. Jaafari said in a speech during a meeting of the international coalition to fight Daash gangs terrorist in Washington, said that "we commend submitted under restore stability to the liberated areas, alleviate the humanitarian crisis experienced by the displaced as a result of terrorist acts, and good results achieved yesterday 's donor conference efforts of humanitarian support who pledged 2.1 billion dollars to Iraq; thank allied nations granted, thanks to countries that organized this conference, and thank the United States for hosting the stones, the great effort. " "And we're making together this progress, and we inflict serious this criminal organization losses we should not forget the root of the problem, which is the foundation of intellectual extremism underlying Takfiri groups, and terrorist gangs, as the military response to terrorism will not be feasible unless the elimination of extremism. and its resources, intellectual and schools; and through the leadership of an international campaign aimed at those intellectual headwaters stray , which tarnished the image of Islam, and have caused the killing, slaughter, rape, and rape , without exception , who promotes this ideology across platforms, and satellite channels, and social networks, you can not defeat terrorism, and can not achieve international peace , but to eradicate the roots of intellectual terrorism. " He continued, "What has been achieved so far leads us to intensify efforts, seize the momentum of victories achieved, and refraction, and retreat Daash to continue to emancipate the Iraqi territory. It is a success in the Battle of Ramadi, the liberation of Fallujah , a quantum leap in cooperation with the international coalition in terms of coordination operational, and air support and capacity - building, and this success can live up to the evolution of the largest battle of the coming liberation of Mosul. " He pointed out that "we renew our emphasis on the importance of the commitment to implement UN Security Council resolutions 2170 and 2178, and 2199, and 2253, and activating the committees on these resolutions to combat terrorism and dry up its funding, there is no substitute for international cooperation to eliminate it resolved, and no country is immune from the threat of terrorism; therefore look forward to a more active role , especially from our neighboring countries in the field of intelligence cooperation, and border control, and stop the flow of foreign terrorist fighters, and dry up the sources of terrorism through the monitoring and control of financial operations, and illegal trade across the border. " Jaafari also called on "all states to respect the independence and sovereignty of Iraq and its territorial integrity, non - interference in Iraqi affairs, or send military forces from neighboring countries without Iraqi government approval; it is a big challenge to the rules of international law and the principles of the United Nations related to sovereignty national, and respect the international borders of the State of some degree in history and rooted in the culture. "ended 29 / d 24

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