Trump formally accept his candidacy and attacking Clinton

American billionaire Donald Trump announced Thursday formally accept the nomination of the Republican Party of the US presidency, vowing to win over Hillary Clinton in the upcoming elections in November next year.
Trump told the Republican convention in Cleveland "with humility and gratitude I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States," adding , "Together, we will of our party to the White House."
He launched a blistering attack on rival Hillary Clinton Thursday, saying that the legacy you left is "death." He held responsibility for the emergence of Clinton Trump organization "Daash" sow chaos in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt, also criticized the nuclear agreement reached between President Barack Obama 's administration with Iran.
He said , "Why do we have after four years of Hillary Clinton Daash stretch in the region and the world, Libya in the gutter, and our ambassador and his team left to die helplessly, this is Hillary Clinton 's legacy of death and destruction, terrorism and weaknesses."