Beirut press today 22/07/2016


I addressed the Lebanese newspapers Friday morning 07.22.2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the controversy in the Council of Ministers on the tender and the tender book for the management of two cellular phone networks , which is transmitted from the session to the other ..

Nutrition lowest levels .. political and problematic delay labs
Electricity 24/24: 4 new years of waiting

Ambasserottan newspaper wrote this address Ambassador says "ale situation. All sectors Anka corruption. But for the electricity sector is always «splendor» Special. I went all the plans that have been developed to reach the 24/24 - stage unheeded, and the worst that no new promises of progress, and hopes to live by the Lebanese, only local efforts taking place in more than one region out of the cocoon «EDL», toward similar independent solutions experience « Zahle electricity. »

The laboratory , which was supposed to ride or renewed, what remains the same. «Fatima Gul» and her cousin «Orhan Bai» Aatadta Lebanese sea and is Aatadahma, while the Lebanese people , condemning them to a quarter of the power supply (360 MW of the total 1300 MW per hour was the rate of production in the past week, according to Chairman of the Sub - Committee of the Committee on Energy parliamentary Mohammed Hajjar ).

Does this situation be improved?
All indications suggest that nutrition b «mainstream» can not rise more than two hours a day at best. Which means that the crisis will not end in the near future and that the Lebanese people will have to live with more darkness.

Estimated Lebanon 's need for electricity between 3000 and 3300 MW / h, while the production rate is currently up to 1600 watts (after the repair of breakdowns taste plant started production cut about 300 MW). This figure is expected to improve slightly after increasing the capacity of two ships other than the Turkish and the introduction of reverse generators carried out by the Danish company BWSC in laboratory taste, ghee, which can raise the feeding between 250 and 300 MW.

Although the Danish company completed its work, which has already been delayed for eight months because of domestic political pressure, but unlike them and the EDL has recently emerged on the background of the trial period and the process of developing the new units on the network, so this was a matter under discussion in the subcommittee parliamentary power , which devoted its yesterday, to follow what is going on in the laboratory of taste, ghee. However , the sources of the Ministry of Energy rejected the rumored dispute, noting that the delays with the preparation of technical and maintenance contract.
Every effort is currently focused on increasing MW from here or from there, but the final solution and effective crisis that has become old as the civil peace, needs a lot of patience, pending solve political differences first. These differences deprived the Lebanese from the completion of Deir Ammar plant, which was supposed to have arrived at the network since. Therefore , since the work has not started yet, as a result of the dispute between the ministries of energy and money, and behind them the «FPM» and «hope».

In taste, your place hovered for years. Rehabilitation process still has a long term. The company «Ansaldo Mdka» which was the only applicant to the auction has not started its work. There are two problems that hinder essential, first, tied to being the only company that submitted a tender. Second, regarding the financial offer by which more than $ 90 million from Consultative estimate ($ 170 million). Although they came back and reduced the amount to $ 220 million linked down the euro, but that did not end the crisis, which became requires Cabinet approval to sign the contract by mutual consent with it.

Recent Developments The EDL request of the company 's re - supply reduction, as a result of reducing the value of the works (during the four years of delay, the Foundation has made ​​some improvements, no longer «taste» in need of the business itself).

Sources say that even if the follow - up reduced the value of the offer, it will not solve the problem, since the existence of a single company means that the contract will be an agreement by mutual consent, and in the current political situation is unlikely that the Cabinet made ​​a decision this amount and by mutual consent.

However, the Sub - Committee of the Ministry of Energy and Electricity of Lebanon asked to return it within two months the outcome of the negotiation, noting that followers of file contend that the issue of rehabilitation has not been resolved definitively yet, pending the resolution of the final value to him and demonstrate its usefulness in comparison with the creation of a new plant.

The situation in Jiyeh on the disadvantages, it remains the best. After resolve the matter of the futility of the current rehabilitation of the plant, connectivity and cost of production, it launched a search for financier. And already yesterday 's announcement of the Arab Fund for approval to finance the plant with a production capacity of 600 MW, note that the nominal capacity of the plant of 250 MW, while its current production of no more than 80 MW and can be up to 120 MW, not counting the production of the Turkish ship. But the problem is that the plant is still in the preparation phase, where it is supposed to sign EDL contract with EDF (EDF) to familiarize the general guidelines charts and required amendments to the station , which take into account the construction of new plants in Lebanon, while the CDR signed a contract with them in order to conduct a study on the dismantling of the plant and determine his ability by estimating the transport network capacity.
According to the information available, it is expected that the CDR has completed awarding of the Jiyeh plant by the end of the current year file. Only then can you start calculating the period of hope for better nutrition trend. Note that if today announced a solution to the dispute over the Deir Ammar plant, and ended the confusion regarding laboratory taste, the Lebanese have to wait for not less than three or four years until they see electricity 24 to 24. However , according to previous experiences, and without taking into account the government 's deficit, no one doubts that the zero hour will be delayed, and that many pitfalls delay electric impossible dream. At this time, teetering sector is moving towards privatization of graded evidence that the South has become most towns and villages get electricity 24 to 24 of the local generators operated by municipalities, and here is the North awaits construction of the plant has taken on President Najib Mikati, and there are those who are preparing to launch similar projects in Mount Lebanon , the North and South ..
Blowing cell debates about the "protections"
Gulf reservations facing Lebanon at the summit?

Newspaper Alnharotnaolt day internal affairs and she wrote "in Lebanon is facing a new accurate test with his participation in the Arab summit scheduled to be held in Nouakchott , capital of Mauritania Monday through reservation Arab and Gulf countries for the item" solidarity with Lebanon, "saw the Cabinet meeting yesterday a new chapter in tugging and harassment on the cell file that was added to the list of contentious files accumulated without any agreed that would end the cycle of deportation after another file.

In the "problems and Allahlol" session, as described by a number of ministers, the same dispute regarding the tender conditions book for the management of two cellular phone networks , which is transmitted from another session to left. Thus Communications Minister Boutros Harb continue to extend Deluxe months for my company "Alpha" and "MTC", to be conducted tender concessions, and continue to dispute the book of conditions hinders tender. This is what led to the explosion of debate between the minister of war on the one hand and Minister Gebran Bassil supported by Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan and Mohammed Fneish, Elias Bou Saab on the other hand, in the foregoing Culture Minister Ronnie Areiji project and compromise that the tender conducted in two phases and should be given marks on the number of years and the number of lines operated by the company that the bar. The minister of war and described the proposal Areiji as well, noting that it will take in the next unimaginable.

Reported that among the ministerial debate revolved around the conditions relating to discuss the management and operation of the cell book, and suggested the Minister of Communications infinite debate the issues raised and objections that were made ​​on the book of conditions approved by the Council of Ministers. He asked that restricts Search objections and not revisit the entire book of conditions. And opened in the area to view the objections were discussed. It was marked by acrimonious debate in some respects. Interceptor team , which included ministers and Basil Abu difficult and Fneish refused to set the terms of which are not company "Orascom". Was required to reduce the number of participants in the networks of 10 million each year to two million each year to the company "Orascom" able to enter the auction.
He said the Minister of Communications that the sector is heading to a sophisticated generation and the number of subscribers could exceed the current number is much besides going into the fourth and fifth generation , which requires the presence of companies with sufficient experience can be the development of the fourth generation and sector intervention in the fifth generation and meet the large numbers needs of subscribers exceeds the current number, and able to network management than 10 million subscribers and up. He stressed that if this number will be reduced He personally would not approve it. If required the introduction of a specific company and stuck team entered she has introduced an amendment in the book, sent to the Council of Ministers to admit the consortium Consortium or subsidiary Filiale condition that cooperates the Consortium companies that do not have the necessary technical capabilities with great artistic company be responsible for ensuring the proper implementation and development. In the case of the Filiale that the parent company undertakes with the proper implementation and development of the government. This makes it easier to enter all companies , including the company "Orascom" held by the opposing team. Knowing that the company "Orascom" is no longer manages any network in the world , but in Lebanon.

But the other team stood his ground and accused the minister of war that deliberately keep the company "Alpha" because the employees of the Aoun movement. Individual war sharply that he is trying to raise the level of services if it wants to apply a partisan policy was ruled a large number of party members of staff in the form of owners who are not linked by anything the Ministry of Communications. Interceptor team addressed the saying: "If you cling to such a degree giving Orascom cellular network management despite the lack of access to technical conditions required, Vliqrr Council of Ministers to give them this network without a tender if that's what you are doing."

Cabinet View postponed to a later session that puts unimaginable war after taking the observations and proposals presented by the Minister, which confirmed that it will take only as good ones, because some of the comments are for disabled and quibble and to protect the team and controlled company.

Put two ministers Mohammed Fneish and Hussein Hajj Hassan disaster Litani river pollution and split views about the causes. As he saw Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb that the solution is to close Sandboxes downstream, Interior Minister Nihat Hanged opposed this view and said that the problem is not limited to the closing Sandboxes, but starting from the spring down to the estuary, and pointed out that he had requested a study on the impact of Sandboxes. It was decided that the Cabinet will hold a special session of the Litani problem to solve, and formed a ministerial committee to study the file.

It is noteworthy in this context that the Health Minister Wael Abu Faour stressed in an interview with "people talk" program yesterday evening that the infringements on the Litani River , requiring the public prosecutor moved to fine offenders and the protection of the river bed. And eat the agreement in the oil file between Speaker Nabih Berri and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil , saying that any deal must be done in the ministries concerned. He revealed he was "growing to him that he has been selling oil Aldata B137 million dollars and the country only benefited with 30 million of them."
Lebanon and Summit
In the meantime, yesterday looked through a preliminary meeting of the senior staff of the League of Arab States in Nouakchott, that Lebanon is bracing for the position of conservative among the Gulf states for the item in solidarity with the runway at the Arab summit , which will head the delegation of Lebanon them Prime Minister Tammam Salam and includes a number of agenda Ministers. Like delegate on duty at the university chancellor Antoine Azzam Lebanon in this meeting , which was preceded by a meeting of Arab foreign ministers tomorrow and delivered a speech alerted them to the implications of the change in the social structure in Lebanon caused by one and a half million Syrian asylum million to Lebanon, calling for solidarity with him to help him carry the burden of the "big bill created by the Syrian asylum." He said: "You have the right distancing solidarity with Lebanon, but not Termunh this step in the eye of the storm and Tazlonh from its Arab environment? The delegation of Lebanon is hoping to repeat the brothers in the Gulf Cooperation Council consider Noehm solidarity with Lebanon and remain at his side. "
Shepherd at the bottom
On the other hand, the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi yesterday paid a visit to the town of bottom comforter Bhhdaiha who were killed during the terrorist suicide attacks on the town a few weeks ago. Shepherd said that the martyrs of the bottom "Avcdoa their lives bottom and all Lebanon , " and addressed the townspeople , saying: "You fence of the nation and the region , and we are here to stay and we keep our homeland, Lebanon and the message." The army also alive and security forces , stressing that "nothing protects us only the rule of law."

The news
«Pitcher Oil» extension of the cellular

News newspaper Alabarkme addressed domestic affairs , she wrote " The Story of the extension of the two companies Almchglten cell phone is almost similar to the story of « oil jug »in the Republic of « oil jugs »many. Apart from the tender to run the cellular networks are «privatization for privatization» without any economic sense, since the two networks owned by the State, which obliges operated and Syanthma and enlarged investment in them and the prices of minutes and packages ... but the tale dating back to April 2015, when it ended the contract signed between the two State group «Zain» Kuwait (for the management and operation of the network «Touch») and «Orascom Telecom» Egyptian (for the management and operation of the network «alpha»).

Day, the Cabinet decided the extension of the two companies Almchglten until the end of 2015, to be put on the operation of the two networks in a tender before the end of last year, and instructed the Minister of Communications notebook conditions to be put on the government setting. It accuses FPM war he put his sights exclude «Orascom» which he says is subject to political influence of the current, which was reported by the Minister of Communications publicly boards.

Was the beginning of an additional condition for the tender, stipulates that the company will be advanced to participate has managed, over five years, cellular networks comprising a minimum of 10 million subscribers. The war 's opponents say that the complexity of the conditions alienate large global companies that the value of the contract is not attractive to them, given his supporters that he wants to protect the tender of inefficient companies that manage small networks, and attract major companies to run networks.

After the adoption of the author of the Ministerial Committee of Ministers war and Mohammed Fneish, Gebran Bassil book of conditions, tender management had been notified of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the Council 's decision on the procedure for tendering, without WordPad. And she received another letter from the Ministry of Communications asking them to launch a tender «based on the book of conditions attached». Then Tenders administration sent a letter to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, based on the book of the Ministry of Communications , which includes the book of conditions, to confirm that it is the same as that approved in the Cabinet. However , the administration did not get any official answer. To prove later that a change to enter two items and the response in the book of conditions, namely:
Imposed on the exhibitors to have a cumulative number of subscribers is equal to five million subscribers.
Have a bidding company sufficient experience in the field of communication networks of not less than 5 years.

In the book of conditions sent by the Ministry of Communications to ensure the management of tenders:
The companies have a joint crossbar 10 million over 5 years continuously.
To be the company 's crossbar experience of not less than 10 years.
Note that the first item automatically lead to the exclusion of «Orascom» tender.

Was excluded «Orascom» tender under the pretext of providing the required paperwork after office hours, what the company paid to resort to the State Consultative Council , which passed a resolution to their advantage to postpone the date of the unsealing to allow it to participate in the tender. But «Orascom» refrained from providing any tender offer , which did not make it to blow up the only two companies ( «Orange» French and «Zain») after seeing that she would be excluded. Since then, the war of the extension of the two companies began Almchglten month.
The government in yesterday 's session, the war he returned the book of new terms and conditions more easily allow allowing the expansion of the competition. But it is interesting that under these conditions, again, the same item about ten million subscribers.

3 hours Ncaiat between war and threaten Basil cell and all files!
Berri boycotted peace in Nouakchott .. and Obofaaour reveals financial scandal «oil Baldata»

Alloabdorha newspaper addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote , " which included formal decisions of the Council of Ministers demand from Communications Minister Boutros Harb submit his proposals concerning my contract cell phone networks management in the light of the discussions and comments made ​​by the minister on the subject and follow - up discussion at the next meeting.

So what does this mean formal decision on what cell singled out?
First , it does not mean that the agreement came out of the Council of Ministers and the second means that this inability to reach an agreement continuously over a year ago, making the extension of the two companies being Vshahra months until the cell phone and do not hang hit by chaos.

And thirdly it means that behind the hillock lack of agreement on this file lies Sharp differences, and the interests of spaced, and this is what some of it appeared in the Cabinet meeting yesterday, where the cell file the first item on its agenda.

The discussions revealed that the primary node is in what they described as among the ministerial familiar for «brigade» b «accounts filter» between the minister and the ministers of war «FPM» Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab. The media went even further, as described the meeting as having been «Ncaiat hearing disturbing».
The meeting did not go out any decisions, and limited to «Allt kneading», in the words of one minister , who almost left the meeting because of its right to be disgusted.
It seemed debates war ministers and Basil node in the company «alpha» that the minister seeks a war of non - renewal to her, while sticking out ministers «Aoun movement.»
The minister said a war that hold operating applicable is that Minister Basil put presided over the Ministry of Communications over the years and criticized the day, everyone Basil item by item over two hours, accused of war stand against «alpha» For Spite is not, replied war sharply , saying: «Shaw entered the « alpha »or« MTC »(Touch) Minchilon Sawa, I do not have a problem».
He concluded a minister said Basil does not want the war to hold a tender, it covers such refusal pretexts technical, legal, and stems in his opposition to the war took a green light from the cabinet to put the book agreed terms, but he put the amendments considered by Basil aimed to remove «Alpha »of the tender.
He disclosed that the minister's «brigade» that the debate between war and Basil took three hours, and the fourth time devoted to the adoption of the majority of the items on the agenda. Another minister noted that the debate kept his pace and provocative figure on the extent of the time of the hearing.
He disclosed that the minister of war stuck commissioned tender management holding tenders in the light of the conditions book which was interpreted by Basil Abu difficult that aims to eject «alpha» of the tender, as the Minister of Communications suggested that a small company enter into an agreement with a large company to enter a bid, the ministers exchanged accusations on the subject of tenders.
He stressed a war that what he wants is access to the technical and artistic good results died the needs of Lebanon in the field of communications, pointing out that he was seeking because the intervention in the bidding large companies have international experience , especially on the subject of the Internet in order to keep pace with the rapid development especially in the area of the Internet, for file management seriousness and professionalism to develop the sector, which is to attract such companies that have expertise in global markets , is seeking and is continuing to work will not stop work for a while and then come back.
But after a sharp debate and extensive intervention of the Minister of Culture Rooney Areiji he presented three proposals, including the development of preferential points for companies. Here Basil returned to talking and seeking to overturn a decades individual peace , saying «How can cancel contract has met the conditions», was agreed to reconsider the book of conditions and suggestions made ​​by ministers , especially by the Minister Areiji.
Revealed circles participated in the meeting that the Interceptor team , which was joined by Minister Mohammad Fneish refused to set the terms of which are not the company «Orascom», was required to reduce the number of subscribers in networks of common ten million each year to two million in order to «Orascom» tender entry.
ODDS peace - Hanged
the second debate revealed by ministerial source, it happened between peace , President and Interior Minister Nihat Hanged , who asked that the Council for Development recognizes and reconstruction , the terms of reference of the Ministry of the Interior in what singled waste file the fact that the Council of Ministers when they approved the waste plan and the interior minister tasked with overseeing the plan , is that the minister hanged ups because of the subjects after receiving, and wished that they can be to reconsider this matter, the president replied , peace , saying: «Use The permissions required, and must respect the cabinet decision», asked the minister Hanged wait to conduct a tender sorting and processing, rejected the prime minister so he said: «we can not delay, because it reflects on the work of Mtmra Alkostubbrava and Bourj Hammoud». But other ministerial sources described the debate between President peace and hanged that he was normal, and it was stressed that the government plan will not be affected.
Pollution Litani
As for the issue of pollution of the Litani has raised ministers Hezbollah 's Mohammed Fneish and Hussein Hajj Hassan topic , considering it is sensitive and strategic file.
Capita President saying: «We sent the file to all ministers to express their views and will put the issue on a regular cabinet meeting next week» peace. But a source ministerial revealed for «brigade» that the file reached the minister yesterday was not possible for ministers to place their observations.
In the information that Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb suggested cleaning the Litani but other ministers said that this process must be preceded by measures to stop the damage, a responsibility joint Ministry of Interior and the conservatives with what it takes to stop the work of the quarries and factories and littering.
She stressed ministerial sources said ministers asked what if continued damage after cleaning, stressing that there are millions allocated to address the subject and the ministers should competence shared responsibility holders.
and ended the debate to the formation of a ministerial committee of the concerned ministers to follow up the treatment of the problem of pollution of the river, after the interior minister explained that the problem is related from the spring to the mouth of the river, and that pollution is not caused by sand Sandboxes, considering that the number of licensed Sandboxes very limited, which is a fraction of the processing.
surprises Abu Faour
can be described by day yesterday, as a day of surprises for Health Minister Wael Abou Faour, and was a surprise first refusal to seek food safety and Applied decrees his law file before its inclusion on the agenda, it was that was deferred to a future meeting. the
second surprise was revealed that he was selling «Aldata oil» B137 million dollars, and that the State only benefited by 30 million, wondering: «Is oil would be for the public benefit or special in Lebanon?».
the third surprise Vtmthelt detects fears that the extension leads to the commander of the army for the third time in September to suspend ministers «FPM »participation in the government, revealing also that any progress has been made ​​in what singled presidential elections.
in this context, the President of the « Democratic Gathering »MP Walid Jumblatt said that Lebanon is governed by political geography, and Syrian axis - Iran is the strongest in this geography, and today as a result feud - Iranian, and dispute the Saudi - Syrian remain floor foundation for Syria regime with Iran.
and the current presidential choice, Jumblatt said the site «Elaf»: «as the two Christian towns have agreed on General Michel Aoun , I do not mind, but I do not know what is the position of ( President) Saad Hariri ».
contention repressed
that Abu Faour surprise in regard to the sale of « Aldata oil », revealed aside Mistura of differences over the oil file, and the beginning of a campaign among the President of the Council to the President of peace against the backdrop of this file, represented promote the news not to accompany Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil , the head of peace to the Arab Summit in Nouakchott, with the prime minister for B in the Mauritanian capital, and preferred to sleep in Casablanca in Morocco, and the comments reported by NBN station for social networking to move locations. but the finance minister denied for «brigade» to be not to accompany him peace president to the summit, no backgrounds or controversial or political reasons, noting that it is known that he can not leave Lebanon in the absence of Speaker Nabih Berri , who is currently on a family vacation out of the country. in this context, ministerial sources pointed out that the peace president takes on understanding Ayn al do not put it in the details of this oil understanding, and that he had previously announced that he did not know in agreement only through the media. the sources expected that the president remains Mitritha peace in the call ministerial committee to follow up on the oil file until informed of the formal results of the agreement, noting that Speaker Berri It does not hide the threshold of the position of head of government. Eastern front heating At a time when the Maronite Patriarch Bishara sponsor attributed the martyrs of the town of bottom with a delegation of bishops, emphasizes that «State legitimacy is providing protection and no one other», was Hezbollah flags talking about targeting fighters movements and gatherings armed elements belonging to the «Daash» and «victory» at the site of the cave in the barren mountains of the bottom. inspection two ships Trchetin in another security field, the Lebanese army inspected in the port of Tripoli two ships Atatin of Turkey since the era of the first yesterday, carrying trucks loaded with goods Turkish and the work of the army on the inspection section of the truck and left, and book nearly 60 other truck inspected. According to security sources, said the initial inspection at the port of Tripoli , did not reveal the presence of weapons in the two ships, but the army kept the two ships under investigation and decided to withdrawn to the port of Beirut to make sure there the existence of weapons after subjecting Turkish goods loaded to inspection by machines «Scanner» is located in the port of Tripoli. construction Turkish parliament bend Erdogan ... and the European Union to stop the cooperation Washington is preparing a campaign of Mosul ... and soon Kerry and Lavrov with de Mistura Hezbollah dialogue and a future to discuss the mixed law ... and Siniora to disrupt oil daily Bannaesahevh construction , she wrote , "Turkish President Recep Erdogan completed his campaign for control of the joints of the Turkish society and the inauguration of his group in the military, security, judicial, educational and media institutions after a comprehensive plan for the liquidation of all the presence of non - belonging to his group in these joints. And reached cleansing campaign initiated since the coup very serious stage failed with the declaration of a state of emergency , which Hranha Turkish parliament yesterday without resistance, while the echoes began that seen in Turkey becoming an international event ahead, with sources in the Commission of the European Foreign Affairs said commenting on the statement of the Turkish government 's suspension of the Convention human rights signed with the European Union, the Commission will consider appropriate legal options to deal with the new situation, including the possibility of stopping the partnership negotiations and other forms of cooperation. Turkish lean toward internal concerns, which seems a long way, did not affect the effects of the US - Russian understandings about the war on terrorism, as Washington continues to mobilize its allies under the war on Daash title, while UN sources said they expect a meeting of the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura with the US secretaries of state John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, to brief him on the content of understanding Moscow, and opportunities built upon to revive a truce and conditions and invitations for the new round of talks in Geneva, while the developments of the Syrian field recorded further progress for the benefit of the Syrian army , especially in the areas of Damascus Ghouta and Qalmoun east. Lebanese, informed sources spoke of understanding between the future Movement and Hezbollah on the bilateral discussion of the electoral law based on a mixed system the chances of reaching a compromise acceptable to both parties before the date of the retreat scheduled for the pillars of the national dialogue committee early next month solutions, while a government record more tripping, where Added to file the budget is stuck, and file commentator communications, to postpone a new resolution in the oil file after the intervention level of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora cause postponement of Prime Minister Tammam Salam give the green light to a formula - governmental compromise. debates session ... while controlling the deadlock and stalling on the file of internal and benefits Kriash Republic and the law of the coup, it seems that the national interest of the government of proving day after day that it became a caretaker government as a result of political differences between the components and hot debates witnessed by the cabinet meeting yesterday in more than one file, but evidence of the government 's inability to approach the basic files and find solutions to them cellular Kmenaqsat that formed the focus of the debate , which lasted nearly three hours to go out after the Council to look at the items on the agenda, and touched on the time remaining in the session to the subject of the Litani river pollution. Al «constructive» that the argument heated fighting between communications Minister Boutros Harb on the one hand, Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil and Education Elias Bou Saab on the other hand on the book of the terms of tenders which led to the postponement of research on this topic. He asked the war adjusted book of conditions , particularly in the specifications such as the operation 10 million telephone line continuously on the network. I asked Basil Lobo difficult war , why has introduced some amendments to the tender book and why run this number of lines on a continuing basis? Individual war: to improve communications service, individual Basil Lobo Saab is not true, but the goal is the flying of the company «alpha» of tenders. And then he asked the Prime Minister Tammam Salam Minister of War to study the subject again and takes into account the observations of some ministers on the book of conditions and find the right solution. Intervened and Culture Minister Ronnie Areiji, said: « We must give concessions to the company that has the ability to run the largest number of lines». Peace responded request Hanged The session witnessed undecided last about tenders waste file between peace , President and Interior Minister Nihat Hanged who asked Salam wait conduct Tenders shirring and synagogues, waiting to settle the Beirut Municipal Council to participate in these tenders , or out of, the demand was rejected peace. Individual Hanged that he must Beirut graduated from these tenders and conducting its own tender. He called the Minister of State for Cun House of Representatives Mohammed Fneish peace to hold a session dedicated to the subject of pollution in the Litani River promised peace Fneish convene this meeting at the earliest. The Minister of Labour Sdjaan Azzi statement the UN Security Council on the situation in Lebanon, and it was considered an important statement and should be taken into account and to send a message of thanks for the Security Council to continue his interest in Lebanon and in the presidency more than the Lebanese parties. Azzi's «building»: Mnacfat not Tenders said Azzi's «constructive» the session the Mnacfat session and not tenders and preferred watching and not to engage in these debates that have not come to any result that is repeated in most of the sessions and ending the postponement of the files and the lack of a decision, as happened in the subject of tenders cellular ». ..oganh to follow up the pollution of the Litani and the Council of Ministers approved the bulk agenda items, including assigning the Minister of communications to provide suggestions regarding my contract my company cell phone management in the light of the discussions and observations made ​​by the Cabinet on this subject, and follow up on this issue for the next session. It was agreed that the Minister of Communications continue in the extension of the two companies Almchglten months after another. As it has been the formation of a ministerial committee of concerned ministers to follow up the treatment of the problem of the Litani River pollution, while the Food Safety and Applied procedures law does not settle the postponed its search to the next meeting. Oil to square one ? And returned the oil file to the first box, waiting for communication between Speaker Nabih Berri and peace who was quoted by the sources for «constructive» keenness to approve the decrees oil and Trath at the same time to study the file in depth technical and political point of view , and waiting for him at the same time to brief him on the details of the agreement between Berri and Bassil and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil during a meeting between them held in the eye of the fig tree. in the context of «constructive» learned that «Prime Minister Fouad Siniora telephoned President peace, asking him to slow down and ignoring the call for the competent ministerial committee oil file to a meeting at the moment.» Sources indicate that «Siniora expressed his objection and upset by the president Berri and General Michel Aoun , an agreement on the oil file will not accept that imposes two teams agree on his movement», as put parliamentary sources some observations on the details contained in the decrees of oil, refer to «constructive» to the need to Lebanon will be ready if the blocks offered for investment , especially to the situation after two years will improve, and then companies that hesitated to drill to a depth of 1,500 meters deep in the sea will be removed all the obstacles in front of her, and they are ready to start digging, but if we continue in this vein and dereliction, it will not issue decrees drilling will begin ». The sources pointed out that« any future export of gas, whether from Lebanon or Cyprus or Egypt or Israel will be understanding with Russia ». Considering that «Moscow does not have the technology to drill to a depth of over 1000 meters», sources indicate that it will b «cooperation with American and European companies such as shawl company». US pressure for normalization ... They pointed to US pressure on Lebanon to accelerate the awarding of the blocks, In what other sources indicated that the «US goal of putting the oil file is a normalization of oil with Israel, confirmed that all the Lebanese parties have noticed this and announced its refusal to everything related to the normalization of relations with Israel , oil or other either and was the first observers Speaker Nabih Berri and Hezbollah and Minister Basil which was discovered when he was secretary of energy that the Lebanese gas that will go to the factory to turn into a liquid gas in Cyprus Israeli company enters the prompting Basil to reject this project at the time ». Hanged: We are in open confrontation security, with mounting fears of an explosion of the security situation in Ain al- Hilweh refugee camp and turn the base to carry out terrorist acts in the interior, and Interior Minister Nihat Hanged stressed that « the security situation in the camp is not new I have talked with him two years ago.» Adding « There is nothing new in the camp, we are in open confrontation and take precautions in all places, but I do not think it useful to talk about the subject in the media».