Erdogan intends to re-structuring of the army after the failed coup

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that there were significant shortcomings in the intelligence before the failed coup last Friday and that the armed forces would be restructured quickly and inject a "new blood."
In his first interview since the declaration of a state of emergency after the thwarted coup , Erdogan said that the possible occurrence of a new coup attempt but it will not be easy , adding : "We are more alert."
He said during the interview at the presidential palace in Ankara , which targeted during the coup attempt , "it is quite clear that there were gaps and significant shortcomings in our intelligence .. no point in trying to hide it or denied. I said that the President of the National Intelligence Service. "
Erdogan accuse the cleric Fethullah Colin resident in the United States of masterminding the coup attempt that collapsed early on Saturday.
The Turkish president said that a meeting of the Supreme Military Council, the highest body that oversees the armed forces are expected to take place in August , the first may be submitted a week to oversee the restructuring. The Council is chaired by the prime minister and includes the defense minister and chief of staff.
He added , "They are all working together on what can be done ... and within a very short period of time will emerge a new structure. With this new structure I think that the armed forces would inject a new blood. "
"After all that has happened .. I think they must now be Astkhalsoa lessons are very important. This is an ongoing process and we will never stop .. We will continue to be very active and we have plans. "
Erdogan is the most dominant political figure on the Turkish scene since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , the founder of the modern republic and achieved consecutive winning streak in more than a dozen elections but the litigation cropped up between him and his former ally Colin few years ago.
Erdogan and avoided providing a direct answer when asked whether the failed coup were spoiled his plans to change the constitution and consolidate power through the establishment of full presidential system in Turkey, but said the package of constitutional amendments "more limited" may be agreed with the opposition.