Like a Falcon in Baghdad. The Basra Council approves draft shield Basra "in principle

2016-07-21 at 19:07

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Detect Basra Governorate Council Member Hossam Abu hail, Thursday, on the approval of the Basra security project called project shield Basra in principle, stating that the project as a project Falcon, Baghdad.

Abu hail/scales news that "one investor offer to Basra security project called the Basra shield project to control the movement of the wheels within the province."

He added that "the Council approved the project in principle and the idea, pointing out that" never vote for a legal objections by some members and fearing objections to be Pope for corruption. "

And drew the Abu hail to that project as a project Falcon security cannot only Baghdad judged a failure in advance, particularly since a project to monitor all movements of the wheels in and out of the province. "

The Interior Ministry announced Monday (20 June), from Baghdad to Hawk referral Commission of integrity, which termed the failed project