Textbook warns of "serious consequences" and calls for reform of administrative and not merely changing faces

2016-07-21 at 18:20

Baghdad the balance of news

Samaha warned religious authority Mohammad Taqi, Thursday, of "serious consequences" was caused by an explosion of political and economic "bottlenecks" in Iraq at any moment, as he called for administrative reform and not just change faces.

The school said in a statement/balance of news, a copy of it, that "the Iraqi people and leaders take the lesson which happened in the Muslim neighbor Turkey which right a tremendous damage."

He added, "the economic, political and social bottlenecks in Iraq could explode at any moment and cause serious consequences", noting that "we have to examine all aspects of our problems and practice of pursuit to weed them out."

The school was seen as a statement, that "Iraq's problems were the result of accumulations of occupation and goverments", stating that "the problems of the country are the result of adverse conditions of occupation and backlog goverments ex plus terrorist faction that forms the spearhead of major regional and international conspiracy against Iraq."

Called to reform the administrative status and not just changing a few faces ", noting that" we have to fix the entire administrative status and to change some faces will not be enough, but we should consider all the laws to tackle underdevelopment.

He continued, "the reform will only be achieved with the development of educational curriculum from kindergarten through graduate in proportion to our conditions, we also develop curricula of seminaries, commensurate with the needs of the current era."

The school authority noted the need to support the Iraqi Parliament committees "drasatih" of radical reform, "but" the Shura Council is able, God willing, to do this great mission if its drasatih centres absorb energies of academic divisions and expert hosts.

And, that "these committees should aim to renew the management situation in all its aspects, including the use of modern means such as electronic government that provides more time and money", calling for "reform cohesion and responsibility."

He noted that "we call on the Iraqi people to exert greater coherence with cross-State orders, consultation and cooperation to achieve reform and not throw a ball responsibility on this or that and take responsibility for reform".