Ministers and the international coalition defense against Daash agree on the adoption of the work and intensive support mechanisms in accordance with the requirements of Iraq

2016/7/21 18:51


Ministers agreed international coalition against Daash Conference, on the adoption of a clear and intensive support mechanisms in accordance with the requirements of the Iraqi agenda during the coming period.

According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Thursday, "Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, the Conference of Ministers of the international coalition against Daash held in Washington DC in the presence of defense ministers of more than 35 state," attended, he underlined that "During the Conference to review the efforts of the international coalition in the war against Daash in Iraq and Syria, and evaluation of the coalition's efforts, and try to improve the mechanisms of work and to ensure the defeat of terrorist organizations. "

The statement continued that "the conferees greeted quality victories and decisive achieved by the Iraqi armed forces", stressing pride in their performance and deep perception, the vital role played by Iraq to protect the vital interests of the world, and he Palmdrick scientific first defense of the human line, calling and designers on the need to support Iraq by all means available according to the methodology of mechanisms have been developed which have been intensifying efforts to support Iraqi forces, particularly since the preparations for the Liberation of Mosul peaking.

The statement noted that "the human side, and the resulting battle the effects relating to the functions of relief and humanitarian support and reconstruction of liberated areas DAI large space of discussion and agreement on the need to intensify assistance to the Iraqi government in this area," Mnohna "The meeting stressed that the battle to liberate Mosul will be successful and defeat the final Daash on the land of Iraq. "

The statement added that "al-Obeidi said in a speech at the conference on the importance of the international community to intensify efforts to assign Iraq in military and humanitarian fields," stressing that "Aldaasha terrorism has lost the lead and the victory is settled in the battle of Mosul for the benefit of the people of Iraq and its armed forces, reviewing the extent and importance of the victory big achieved in the battle to liberate Fallujah.

And Utaba statement that "the Iraqi defense minister stressed the need to intensify the support and support to Iraqi forces and secure its requirements in arming, equipping and logistical support and air strikes," calling at the same time that the international community mobilize its efforts to support humanitarian issue and the reconstruction of liberated areas, especially as the battle to liberate Mosul Just around the corner".

, The statement that "al-Obeidi stressed the need to have the security of Iraqi cities against terrorist attacks Aldaashah required importance especially since the terrorist Daash he goes to hit civilian targets with a succession of defeats reprehensible, pointing to the large criminal bombing in the Karrada district after the battle to liberate Fallujah.