Officers of the Iraqi and Iranian border guards یجرون consultations in Mehran

2016/7/21 14:05

{International: Euphrates news} التقی,

Commander of border guards in the province ایلام {West} العقید یحیي God and border guards in the third zone Iraq العقید الحسیني beauty الخمیس day in Zafar مدینه Mehran الحدودیه with Iraq.

And Kurt agency {us} that "the two sides discussed during the meeting, the third of its kind, بالشریط والتحکم للبلدین border security."

Quoting یحیی God as saying after meeting, this meeting جری Ali الحسیني العقید following an invitation for visitors to facilitate their marketing forward transmission Dr a.s. During today visit الاربعین.
He pointed to the الحسیني والسیطره الشریط Ali التحکم improving border وقضایا ومشاکل Mehran border market traders.

الحسیني said that he had participated in the meeting in order to support security between border وکذلك البلدین Ali discuss issues concerning customs Ali hope to mutual agreement on issues that have been discussed.

He continued saying, taking into consideration the approach today visit الاربعین we نسعی till تکثیف الایراني side meetings in order to facilitate their marketing movement of visitors الایرانیین till Iraq.