Ja'afari invites the world to understand the pressures facing Iraq

2016-07-21 10:49

Baghdad scales news

Iraq Foreign Minister Yeh Jafari, Iraq's delegation at the meeting of the Group of donor countries to support Iraq within the international coalition against terrorism in Washington involving 40 States of the Alliance, gave al-Jaafari thanked the donor conference, which expresses the international community's solidarity with the Government and people of Iraq in their fight against the terrorist Islamic State to gangs is a real threat to all countries in the world, and praised the humanitarian assistance, reconstruction of the liberated areas from gangs of ISIS.

Jaafari's Office said in a statement received/balance of news copy, to support the military logistical world countries in supporting the efforts of the Government of Iraq and its security forces in the war against the Islamic State to stop terrorist gangs ISIS, freeing many cities, most recently edited Fallujah was the cooperation and coordination between the armed forces and the popular crowd, volunteers and members of the clans of the people of Anbar supported by air cover for the international coalition. "

He stressed that "Iraq forces Yeh a spade and all configurations now locked bravely battles to free the villages and surrounding areas of the city of Mosul after air forces base editing; thus eliminating the Islamic State in Iraq, clearing all the land Iraq Yeh Pat soon."

"The military and security support has contributed to win battles, and reduce losses from the scourge of war, humanitarian and financial support contributed to alleviating the suffering of our children and our people from the ravages of human losses, and bring life to the liberated cities, began life gradually returned to normal as residents celebrated the recent anniversary of Tikrit edit their city."

Jafari stressed that "the armed forces in fighting terrorism, forces edit cities, and Fallujah is a great achievement, and that ISIS became irresistible to fight against our heroes on the battlefield, he pronounces his last breath, trying to draw attention from repeated battles with the simplest suicide attacks on innocent civilians, as happened in the Karrada bombing which killed around 300 Iraqis, and hundreds of injured in one of the deadliest targeting civilians in Iraq, and the world in this year; all that reflects the extent Wantonness ISIS terrorist, his humbleness incompatible with logos in religion, and disguised ALT. "

And that "Iraq is going through an unprecedented exceptional circumstances as a result of the requirements of war and State resources are low because of oil prices, adding to the cost of addressing the humanitarian crisis to more than four million people displaced within Iraq, alluding to the tragedy of displacement experienced by several Iraqi provinces t Sun p as tragic, the harshest immigration disaster, displacement and stretched on our Earth geographical level, population groups, and the hardest thing to distinguish her she was a surprise non-coercive meh per House members separated regular."

He noted that "security conditions in locations identified displacement camps, and are ineligible for permanent housing in harsh weather conditions like Iraq; conditions resulting in dozens of deaths of children, the sick, the elderly, the Government, local and international organizations to curb the worsening humanitarian conditions of displaced people now problem is still the largest and most dangerous of possibilities and international community demands more than ever to do more to protect the lives of displaced people in these conditions".

Dole called for the world to understand the pressures facing Iraq, the Government faces in face of security and economic issues, and resulted in symptoms of educator Ke, the role played by Iraq on behalf of the whole world in the face of terrorism is met with more support in the international community can provide to ease on the fighter, secure the back by solving the SOA IDP shenanigans. "