Parliamentary integrity: Re million dinars she happened her illegal session municipality

2016-07-21 12:18

Baghdad scales news

Parliamentary integrity Commission revealed Thursday, returning tens of millions to their owners after the acquisition by southern Baghdad session municipality, illegally.

Chairman Talal said in a statement sent to Al-zawbai/balance of news, "after the sudden visit to district municipality for service, and actually listen to the problems afflicting the region, showing that the municipality has session taking taxes from shopkeepers and plants more than prescribed by laws of the Iraqi Constitution."

Zawbai, said that "after billing records turned out to municipal service administrators are double taxation on the region", noting that "direct call citizens and returning surpluses, after taking the pledge by officials in the Department to walk within the laws and contexts in which the Iraqi Constitution approved on this side."

He noted that "the Commission continues to fight Administrative and financial corruption in State institutions, to eliminate it and to build a free from injustice and corruption"