Character (m) on the walls of houses Mosul scares Daash

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Harbi said media cell in the Iraqi army, on Thursday, it had detected signs of crumbling ranks Daash in Mosul before launching a forthcoming attack to wrest the city from the control of the militants. She explained the cell in a statement seen by "the free event," she "got intelligence information" accurate "reports that senior Daash leaders have begun to evacuate the houses they occupy in Mosul and headed toward unknown destinations, with the progress of Iraqi forces into the city." She added that "local militants Daash trying to improve their image in front of the people of Mosul with the approach of editing operations," pointing out that "the militants Daash locals claim that they are deluded them, and they are forced to work with Daash." According to the cell, in the context of the indicators listed among the crumbling Daash, the spread of the letter "M" symbol of resistance against Daash on a number of walls of houses and government buildings. MySQL also referred to the refraction of the barrier of fear among parents against Daash and repeat the case of a clash between them and the self-styled calculation refused Folks intervention after their own affairs. Iraqi forces and Chen months ago Daash attacks on strongholds in the south and southeast of Mosul to restore those areas as a prelude to reach the outskirts of the city launched a massive attack to be taken away from Daash