Kirkuk governor calls Abadi to pay the dues of fiscal conservatism

Baghdad balances News
The governor Karagokenjm Din Omar Crane, on Thursday, the province is facing economic challenges, calling for financial dues to maintain the exchange. And the price of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the role of Kirkuk in the face of challenges. The governor's office said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Omar Karim, met Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi latter's office in Baghdad." The statement added, "The two sides discussed the political and economic situation in Iraq and Kirkuk in particular and operations editor of Hawija spend and areas southwest of Kirkuk, in the light of the positive results achieved by the federal security forces generality of the fronts and the sacrifices offered by the Peshmerga forces and police forces and the brave and shared services in its protection of Kirkuk." He continued, "The two sides discussed the importance of joint coordination among all the security forces and the file of Kirkuk, police officers and the relationship between the province and the Interior Ministry and resolve the outstanding issues between them." He explained, that "it was the follow-up humanitarian crisis of displaced fact that Kirkuk received more than 600,000 displaced people, and the efforts of the administration of Kirkuk in relief to the displaced and the importance of helping Kirkuk ongoing preparations to receive displaced Hawija case starting editing operations, the pressure borne by the province and its institutions service especially the electricity sector and the lack be allowed to waive the share of the province's electricity. " And between, he "discussed with him the benefits of Kirkuk Alaptrdolar allocations last for the period as well as share of the province of the regional development allocations," he said, adding that "the two sides stressed the importance of supporting Kirkuk, especially in the field of displaced people because they pose the additional challenge of Kirkuk and its citizens and its institutions and service indispensability development and help government program that ensures the safe return of the liberated areas. " In turn, the price of Abadi, through the statement, "the role of Kirkuk in the face of challenges and unite the people of Kirkuk and support of the security forces," expressing his "great understanding of the challenges and problems faced by Kirkuk, especially in the economic and humanitarian spheres." For his part, Karim stressed that "Kirkuk is facing economic challenges in light of the economic conditions faced by Iraq," pointing out that "the people of Kirkuk calling for the need to entitlements financial maintain the exchange in addition to the Kirkuk entitlement constitutional Zealot field of transfer of powers to the problems it faces challenges in handling some ministries Federal with it. " He stressed "the importance of re-pumping crude oil stalled since March of this year so as to ensure additional resources for Iraq and Kirkuk in particular," .anthy 29 / A 43