Dhi Qar Council postpones vote on the six directors to next week

Provincial Council announced Dhi Qar, on Thursday, the postponement of the vote on the selection of six directors of government departments managed by proxy to the beginning of next week, attributing the cause to take the time to study the CVs.
Said council member Shahid Ghalibi in a statement that " the Dhi Qar Provincial Council postponed at its election of new directors of government departments do not run a proxy to next week."
Ghalibi it attributed to "study the biographies of the personalities of the candidates and the selection is the most efficient and most suitable."
So he called Ghalibi provincial council to " the inclusion of the subject of the sponsor in force in Sitarat maintain a list of agenda of the Council in order to facilitate the entry of tourists to archaeological and Alahuarah areas after their inclusion on the World Heritage List."