Liberals mortgage attend the next session of parliament to submit independent candidates for ministries

Pawned the Liberal parliamentary bloc of the Sadrist movement, on Thursday, to attend the next session of parliament to submit Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi for qualified candidates and independents to fill the vacant ministries.
The bloc Messenger by al - Taie in a press statement, said that "al - Abbadi demands of today 's choice of candidates who are competent and independent away from the party to fill the quota of ministerial portfolios."
He added that "members of the Liberal bloc will participate in the next hearing in the case gave the prime minister and independent candidates qualified to fill ministerial portfolios," pointing out that "we do not want to repeat the scenario of the previous government and administration of ministries by proxy."
He said al - Tai "ministries proxy administration would disrupt the work of the state, there may not be a quorum in the upcoming sessions of the Council of Ministers."
The Abadi has been accepted during the past two days resignations of seven ministers who are ministers of higher education, industry, interior, water resources, oil, transport, construction and housing.