Economic Advisor to the Government: the Washington conference will enhance the reconstruction of Iraq

Views 72 Date 20/07/2016 - 22:21

Economy News / Baghdad

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Wednesday, the Washington conference is the bond of Iraq 's transition from war to peace economies .

Saleh said in a press statement I followed the "Economy News," The Washington conference is the bond of Iraq 's transition from economies of war into economies of peace , where is the stability of the people in the cities and the safe return and decide on the right of life and civic life and rehabilitation of people who have been subjected to oppression by Daash terrorist ".

Saleh added, " The conference will witness the presence of many of the donor countries , " noting that "there are financial grants will be provided to Iraq ".

It is noted that Canada has pledged to provide 158 million Canadian dollars (110 million euros) in humanitarian aid and guarantee the value of two hundred million dollars of loans from the World Bank for the Iraqi government .

As announced by German Foreign Minister, Frank - Walter Steinmeier, on Wednesday, before heading to a donors ' conference to support Iraq in the United States , his country 's determination to support Iraq in the reconstruction and the fight against criminal Daash B160 million additional euros by the end of 2017

It is hoped that the conference will be held on July 22 current

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