Central Government apologize for creating the Basra province because of "financial crisis"

2016-07-20 at 20:04

Special the balance of news

"Baghdad Central Government apologized," Wednesday, from Basra on the establishment of the territory of the County, with the Government attributed the reason for the lack of "alogstet" to set up a referendum on it.

Said the Basra Ahmed Al-Sulaiti/news, balances "security, political and economic situation that the country is going through is not helping to move and break away from the Central Government," adding: "we must study the ingredients for success are available to the project before proceeding with the project especially in lost economic crisis and the deterioration of the security situation."

"Carlos," apologized for creating the territory of "allogsth" lack of budget to set up a referendum on it, "indicating that" all requests to meet and match conditions. "

Mentions that judge Wael Abdul Latif, said earlier, that moment is not suitable for checking the province of Basra, ad maintenance need six things to declare territory.