Iraq buys military communication systems and the march of Iranian planes

2016/7/20 19:21


The Department of Defense announced its contract with Iran for the purchase of military communication systems and aircraft march.

According to a defense ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Defense team Marine Gen. Mohammed Jawad Kazem agent Iranian defense minister and his accompanying delegation met in Baghdad on Wednesday, the two sides discussed the latest security and military developments and the victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the possibility of increasing the development horizon of cooperation between the two countries. "

He added, "it was a joint session included a number of officers in the ministry to discuss the Iraqi army needs at this stage and to agree on the conclusion of some armament deals in the field of military communications, aircraft and march Alnoadir night thermal cameras which have been held."

The statement added that "the agent of the Iranian defense minister praised the great sacrifices made by the Iraqi army to defend Iraq and the region's security that the terrorism threat to everyone and ensure Iraq to fight it, expressing his country's readiness to continue to stand by Iraq, the governments and people in the fight against terrorist Daash gangs.