Strong Union: report of the Chairman of the professional, fair and UNAMI mission confirms makshfna about about kidnap Anbar

20-07-2016 04:25 PM

Iraqi forces announced that the report of the United Nations after Iraq Jan Kubiš presented the UN Security Council confirms what was revealed earlier that some powerful militias under cover some regiments of federal police kidnapped 740 walsgr saqlawiyah residents and citizens still unaccounted for.

Strong Union also stressed that the report fairly, professionally and Kubiš and accurate diagnosis of violations that I got, which was documented by the perpetrators with picture and sound, and display them on social networking sites and different media, plus detection by us, and provide the names of abductees and martyrs to Government without concrete actions and fact by security agencies about criminals.

And a Student Union. Armed forces Commander General Haider Abadi to disclose results of the investigation to the public and refer the human rights violators to justice, to get just what they deserve, and create a deterrent to others, to detect the fate of abductees and ensures their release