It killed 10 terrorists and destroyed a number of wheels for "Daash" within categorically Salahuddin

Baghdad balances News
Command announced Salahuddin operations, on Wednesday, killed 10 terrorists and destroyed a number of subsidiaries to organize "Daash" wheels within boycotted operations. Command said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "a joint force of emergency Regiment Salahuddin Regiment commando leadership managed to kill 10 members of the Daash, destroyed homes were using it a den to carry out terrorist operations and wheel type (Kia Banco) by Abrams tank, in the eye of the egg. " The statement added that "the destruction of the wheel Salvador by a detachment Alkornett by Cornet against missile shields in the eye of the egg area, as well as addressing two wheels carrying a machine-gun in the molasses Makhoul region." He continued, "The treatment of non-detachment Mnfelqh ​​bombs to the secret field of engineering leadership was able to handle and dismantle (12) IED and (3), heaters capacity of 5 liters per complexes _ Sharqat spend" area. He pointed out, that "the strength of the emergency / 2 Regiment duty to Tikrit Island Alillai area were lifted (6) mortar rounds / 120 mm is Mnfelqh, the materials handed over to the Department of Anti-explosives Salahuddin" .anthy 29 / A 43