Sadr praises Kurdistan's position about the threat to Kurds

13/04/2012 08:17

Dohuk, April 13 / April (Rn) - The spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Friday, that the position of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr from the threat of the Kurds is an extension of the positions of historical cherished by the Kurdish people, pointing out that these attitudes contribute to building a democratic Iraq based on pluralistic foundations of justice, fraternity and co-existence.

It was Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement, had refused to threats against the Kurds who are in Arab lands and asking them to leave Baghdad.

Sadr said in response to a question by one of his followers on the subject, "who attacks them (the Kurds) is our enemy, but enemy of Iraq in general and of religion and doctrine ... peaceful as long as you, so be handed over to them."

"The Kurds are our brothers who are our partners ... to them their policy and our policy for us, and we are all for religion and the homeland."

A supporter of a good thing for the Kurdistan News Agency (Rn), that "what was the statements of Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr at the threats, which affected the Kurds recently, represents a natural extension of the positions of historical Sadr family combatant," adding, "We appreciate and greatly appreciate this national position adopted by the chest and that of the Kurdish people stand proud of this wise. "

He says, "We are not surprised that position, because Sadr, scion of an ancient family of her mark in the history of modern Iraq and known Abjahadha and resistance to all forms of injustice and arbitrariness."

He considered that good, "such as the positions thus contribute to building a pluralistic and democratic Iraq is built on the foundations of justice and brotherhood and coexistence."

Abbas was Muhammadawi spokesman Regiment (9 Bader) of the coalition of those who care about the people of Iraq, issued a statement in the middle of last week, calling on all Kurds, especially in the capital Baghdad to leave Arab lands and return to the Kurdistan region.

Muhammadawi said in a statement that "the Kurds in front of one week to leave, otherwise we will take up arms against the (Kurdish regional President Massoud) Barzani and his followers, has Forewarned is forearmed."