Economic Adviser to Ebadi announces the granting of loans mechanisms completeness and calls Rafidain and Rasheed to participate

The news agency Buratha Views 50 07/19/2016

Financial advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, announced Tuesday, for the Central Bank granted loans mechanisms is complete, and as called for private banks departments to facilitate lending to citizens, bank demanded Rafidain and Rasheed participating in the process the fact that their branches scattered in different "poor and disadvantaged areas."

He said the appearance of Mohammed in a newspaper interview that " the committees completed the instructions of the Central Bank loans amounting to six trillion dinars mechanisms , " calling on banks and departments to "ensure day and night to facilitate the process to serve the market activity."

Saleh added, " The launch of the loans needed for some flexibility, speed and accuracy by the banks concerned departments , " adding that " the Rafidain and Rasheed should participate the process of lending if the private banks that have a trillion dinars for the financing of small and medium - sized loans to suffer from slower in their work . " .

Saleh continued, that " the Rafidain and Rasheed should contribute with the private banks in the Central Bank 's initiative to lend to citizens, especially that spread their branches in underserved and poor areas."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank announced, in ( the 23 of June 2016), the launch of SME loans by the private Iraqi banks in early July present, while stressing that the amount of the loan up to 50 million dinars, an interest rate will not exceed 5.5%.