Iraqi taxes require booking Zain shares and raised in the ring
Tuesday July 19, 2016 10:48

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced Zain Kuwait's Mobile Telecommunications, on Tuesday, the General Commission for Taxes in Iraq asked for booking Zain shares and shares of the Bahraini company raised ring in the Iraqi company listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange.

Reuters quoted Zain said in a statement to the Kuwait Stock Exchange that "the request came, according to the body claimed the (Iraqi) arrange for the money owed."

The company added that "the Iraqi Depository Center of the Iraqi market for securities made to seize the shares of the company raised the national Bahrain in the ring company since they deposited has, but he missed the booking Zain shares in the ring company where it is credited to him."

The company confirmed that it "intends to take the necessary steps to obtain the release equity firm raised the national Bahrain in the ring company and a resolution to prevent the GCT from taking any further action in this regard the legal procedures and after obtaining the legal opinion of the lawyers specialists in Iraq."

The Zain Group about the establishment as a private ring joint stock company subsidiary of Atheer Telecom Ltd in July 2013 in preparation for the process of listing on the Iraq Stock Exchange, and at the completion of the ring company included in the Iraq Stock Exchange is its parent company Zain has completed a license granted to the company's obligations.