Iran threatens military intervention in Arbil in response to Saudi Arabia

Denied government of Iraqi Kurdistan July 19 by Saudi Arabia to provide aid and the opening of the headquarters of the Iranian opposition in the provincial capital city of Arbil.
The Secretary - General of the Expediency Council in Iran , Mohsen Rezai said in an interview with Iranian television said Saudi Arabia has provided assistance to Iranian opposition parties, and opened the Saudi consulate headquarters of the opposition this process took place in the city of Arbil , capital of Kurdistan.
Rezai said that Saudi Arabia has also built bases and the headquarters of these parties near the Iranian border, and if things continue on like this and did not think Iraq 's Kurdistan Regional Government in solving this problem, Iran will soon military operations against the headquarters of these parties will carry the region 's president , Massoud Barzani full responsibility .
A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government that "everything in the words of Mr. Rezai on events on the Iranian border , a recent false information and unfounded, and if there is one proof of the authenticity of the speech, there is a joint security committee between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Kurdistan region and are discussed about any problem within the Commission and be processed and followed up. "
The statement stressed that "security and stability in Iran is a matter for the Kurdistan region, and that the stability of Iran contributes to the stability of the region as a whole, and each party is trying to find the causes of the problems and work together to address them, we in the Kurdistan Regional Government are always eager to deepen relations and joint action between the Republic Islamic Iran and the Kurdistan region. "