Jaafari: the world told us not to our need for any one to fight on our territory

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari said on Tuesday, he had told the world not to the need for Iraq to the people of any country to fight in the Iraqi territories against Daash, but simply to provide a service and humanitarian and military to Iraqi forces.
This came during a speech at a gathering of the Iraqi community in the US city of Detroit, according to reports from the State Department on its website.
Jaafari stressed that " the Iraqi people proved to be uniform, and stood united in the face of Daash terrorist gangs, and mobilize all its citizens of all faiths and creeds, and nationalities to confront terrorism."
He continued by saying, "we were informed that all nations that Iraq is not in need of your sons to fight on its territory Iraqis sacrifice themselves in defense of their country, and on behalf of your country all we do not want you only humanitarian support, and service, and the military to eliminate terrorists Daash."
He pointed out that " the Iraqi consulate opened in the city of Detroit came to provide services and assistance to the children of the community, and the staff to make every effort to provide everything that would overcome the obstacles in front of the community."
Jaafari stressed that " the children of the community , representing a national tributary runs every society in the world, and holds national discourse, and convey the reality of what Iraq is going through away from the falsification of the media, and distort the facts."