Allawi's coalition rejects any presence of US troops in Iraq

Rejection of the national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, any presence of US troops on Iraqi soil "under the pretext of " fighting "Daash" criminal and edit cities.
The MP said the coalition Kadhim al - Shammari in a press statement that "national coalition categorically rejects the presence of any US troops on Iraqi soil and invoked by some pretext of fighting Daash criminal and edit cities."
Shammari said that "Iraq has the army and police are capable of freeing territory usurped from Daash criminal scored , and this in Tikrit, Fallujah and other cities liberated", noting that " the liberation of Mosul operations successful so far."
And met with the US major criticism because of its support for armed groups in Syria, and the lack of seriousness in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, after being soft pounding "Daash" criminal, according to local and foreign reports