Japanese Yen is trying to rise from the lowest level in three weeks

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Japanese Yen tried to rise during the Asian session on Tuesday after it fell yesterday to its lowest level in three weeks against the dollar and that with the decline in demand for the safe haven in the financial markets, further downside pressure on the Japanese currency. Trading the dollar-yen pair is currently at the level of 105.83, after the session opened today at the level of 106.15, the lowest level at 105.68 was the highest level recorded in three weeks at 106.22. This comes after the pair scored the highest level in three weeks at 106.35. Decline in the Japanese yen in the financial markets levels comes as a result of which appears on the popularity of the large investment in global stock markets, the demand for safe haven in the markets decline due to the return of risk appetite to rise. This continues the negative pressure on the Japanese yen level amid growing expectations formation of a new incentive program after a demand that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe formation of a new program to support the economy after the success of his party in parliamentary elections. Trading the dollar index, which tracks the dollar's performance against a basket of major currencies, is currently at the level of 96.56 after it opened today's session at the level of 96.58, while the lowest level has been recorded at 96.54 after recording the highest at 96.63 comes after the dollar index has risen over the past week to record the highest level in three months at 96.82 ".anthy 29 / p 18