Marshes and effects .. tourist and economic future promising

7/19/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Managed national efforts to annex the marshes to the World Heritage list, and the consequent positive economic effects achieved by permanent financial revenue through a combination of public and private sector efforts to promote these areas and provide appropriate climates to stimulate the tourism industry in Iraq, which includes the effects of interest to most of the world's population.

Vice President of the Baghdad Economic Forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine, confirmed that it is an important step on the road to the multiplicity of financial resources and to ensure Iraq's rights and obligations in the joints of the neighboring countries to support these areas.

Stimulate the economy

He called Antoine to work on the creation of centers and institutes concerned with affairs of tourism in southern Iraq are preparing competencies her ability to manage this important and vital file and can provide services to all the tourists without any glitch, noting that the marshes and multiple impacts areas of resources, as it contributes to stimulate a lot of economic activities associated with this side.

He pointed out that tourism activation in the marsh areas will provide employment for a large segment of young people in the tourist areas and the transport sector and crafts known in these areas, as well as move the markets for its contribution to the high demand for many of the materials that is known for its Iraq.

Antoine And that we have a window of opportunity to work toward multiple service resources and the economy of Iraq, which suffers neglect for a long period of time.

Tourism variety

He stressed that the presence of most of the world's population of concern to the effects of assisted the inclusion of these areas on the World Heritage list, as this can be invested in the tourism service in Iraq, which is unique for the world's stockpiles of all types of tourism.

The decision of the inclusion of the Iraqi marshlands on the list of World Heritage APPROVED globally Lille yesterday in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and the World Heritage places are landmarks for the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO candidacy to be included in the International Heritage Sites program administered by UNESCO. These features may be normal, such as forests and mountain ranges, and may be man-made, Kalpnayat and cities, and may be mixed, and the number of sites listed in this list until 2011.936 sites, including 725 cultural sites, 183 natural sites and 28 sites fall within the categories, at 153 State

Important national

Competent affairs tourist Hassan Ali Abdul Karim said: «we are winning, Iraq is this decision made a very great asset and is the international community recognizes the importance of Iraq on the world map», pointing out that the national task ultimate is making a prosperous future for these areas, which have become important his post for all the world for reasons many, in the forefront of the nature of these marshes and wetlands that are unique to the level of the globe, as well as the presence of most of the religions of the world civilization and the effects of interest came from knowledge learned early stages of human science «writing» ».

Develop strategies

Abdul Karim pointed out that the responsibilities have become double the responsibility of those interested in affairs of tourism in the public and private sectors, stressing the need to work to develop strategies that promote tourism in these areas and is working to provide all the elements of the attractions of the various regions of the world, and we must rely at short intervals mechanisms to attract tourists gradually into southern Iraq and then work on the horizontal expansion of these activities in order to achieve significant economic feasibility of Iraq.

He pointed out that the elements of the tourism advancement are available and can bring significant economic feasibility and contribute to supplement the federal budget a large proportion of revenues, stressing the need for serious and prompt action to provide infrastructure for the promotion of tourism in those areas, particularly the availability of the required capabilities to do so.