Workshop to discuss debt rescheduling

7/19/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi
regulates the Union of Arab Banks and workshop at the twenty - seventh of this month and last for two days in the Lebanese capital Beirut entitled «re bank debt restructuring outside the framework of the judiciary».

A special workshop worksheet seen «morning» by: «proved in a doubt accept that the options available to the debtor struggling and its creditors beyond access to justice and that there are real opportunities to reach agreements allow amendment of the terms of the debt and allow the debtor to continue his work if he is going through a financial cross - strapped but it has accepted financial solvency. »

it is agreed that classified the debt treatment follow-up and settlement and debt without regular doubtful banking language and outside the framework of the judicial dispute, according to the universal basic 58 issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon investigating the pros several of which provide an opportunity for troubled institutions , which enjoy financial well - deserved acceptable to continue to work according to a new mechanism and the conditions to enable them to exit successfully from the financial distress experienced by and reduce losses enterprises city and creditors alike, and to avoid social and economic consequences that result from the city 's institutions fail.

It is the pros also the benefit of all concerned and affected by the financial problem, including the company 's customers and its employees and its suppliers and investors which, in addition to providing more efficient and effective choice of court proceedings (faster and higher rate of recovery) procedures, as well as help the financial sector to develop confidence in the integrity and transparency of the restructuring measures contained in the debt settlement extra - judicial mechanism.

the aim of this workshop is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and standards adopted in the successful management of debt to creditors multiple outside the framework of the judiciary. It also highlights the positive consequences of the adoption of this methodology on all parties stakeholders.

Finally , aims to train participants on how to use modern means and ways to discover the critical and difficult situations before they happen using early warning indicators, as well as how to configure and manage the credit file for the client struggling, and management negotiations with him. And will discuss the workshop several topics related to the most important legal approach to the methodology of debt restructuring outside the framework of the judiciary, and the background of bank debt restructuring outside the framework of the judiciary, and management of the credit file ( the monitoring and follow - up procedures), along with warning signs and early warning / indicators importance of the convergence of faltering debt.