Sadoun reveals the mechanism of amending the constitution and the committee in charge of him

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Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed Monday, the adjustment mechanism of the Iraqi Constitution and address some of the legal materials contained in it, as pointed out that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives has decided to form a special committee on that.

The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun in an interview that "the Presidency of the Parliament decided to form a committee composed of 27 members of the Legal Committee involving the House of Representatives with the representatives elected by the political blocs concentrated their work to amend articles of the Constitution," noting that "the names will be presented to parliament to vote on them in the next session. "

He added that "a constitutional amendment mechanism will include a review of all materials and component of the constitutional article 144, while the amendment will include paragraphs that do not fit with the existing democratic system in the country, as well as organizing regular powers between the provinces and the province of the federal government."