Next week: the vote on the "federal" and "general amnesty" law of public hearing

Monday 18 July 2016 | 16:23
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BAGHDAD / .. the parliamentary legal committee, announced Monday, the Federal Court for legal inclusion of general amnesty to vote on the parliamentary agenda next week, indicating that the vote will be made public.

The committee member said Ibtisam al-Hilali's "Eye of Iraq News," "The House of Representatives plans to vote on important laws that serve the Iraqi people directly and there is a consensus in parliament on it," adding that "the law of the National Guard have significant differences and it is difficult to pass in the coming period." .

And showed Hilali "The next week will vote on the legal and amnesty of the Federal Court, but federal law requires the presence of a third of the members of the House of Representatives and the quorum is difficult to achieve," she said, adding that "the parliament speaker promised to broadcast the vote on the federal law, amnesty in public hearing in order to know the Iraqis of the political forces that refuse to vote. "

Many of the laws are still disabled as the law of the National Guard and the Federal Court and the law of oil and gas and general amnesty, which postpones approval in the House from time to time because of political differences, a phase of the cycle Alsabakh.anthy laws 5