Airlines are perpetuating the journal for all aircraft for the first time in Iraq

2016/7/18 17:00


General Company of Iraqi Airways set up perpetuating the journal for all aircraft for the first time in Iraq.

A statement by the Ministry of Transport Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that he "made a technical section of the perpetuation of the rotating of the Iraqi Airways screening campaign comprehensive aircraft and sustain within the company's headquarters at Baghdad International Airport for the first time in Iraq," adding that "tests divided into several stages, starting from the stage [A] of the initial examination of the plane and end stage [C] a heavy-examination. "

The statement noted that "all the tests the aircraft was carried out by Iraqi cadres exclusively of engineers and technicians after the measure is already out of Iraq and it costs large sums of money and hard currency the company managed in a record time of development work to include checking and maintaining aircraft for corporate regional and international in Iraq which is great financial Bmrdodat of the company, "noting that" engineering and technical cadres were able Monday morning to complete examination of [A5] plane [B 737-800] was to replace the [auxiliary power unit] and was formerly replace this imbalance is out of the country. today, Angels company seeks Resume efforts to develop its work and at lower cost. "