Hindawi: 4000 different areas project continues to work across Iraq

2016-07-18 at 14:02

Special balance news

The planning Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi, project 4000, various fields constantly working across Iraq, with the dues of contractors of these projects amounted to 7 trillion and $ 800 billion.

Hindawi said, l/News, scales "Iraq was not bought more than 6100 ongoing project at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015."

He added that "after the economic crisis and the Government's inability to complete these projects, discuss with them and asked the Ministry to prioritize these projects and delete each and postponing another section and other reduced".

He continued, that "Iraq has about 4000 ongoing project in all areas with a focus on SOA-related projects such as electricity and oil projects to support the economy such as oil projects".

Hindawi was drawn to, that "the State cannot in these circumstances providing receivables for 4000 project, in the presence of fixed benefits for previous years amounting to 7 trilonat and $ 800 billion.

And between the Ministry, Lucrecia spokesman "which put State before paying those dues to contractors and proceed with the implementation of projects at the same time," pointing out that "with respect to receivables Government issued Treasury bonds backed by the Government and would be the first phases to pay a total of 50% of the receivables, the second phase will be to repay outstanding amounts".