Iraq and France discuss cooperation in the construction of modern schools

2016/7/18 13:46

[Where - Baghdad]

Search Iraq and France, on Monday, cooperation in the field of building a modern and advanced schools.

A statement by the office of the Iraqi minister of education received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Education Minister Mohammad Iqbal, met at the headquarters of the ministry, the French consul in Nasiriyah, just Alknzawa, and Flip Matrer director Mayes company in France, and discussed ways to promote and strengthen mutual cooperation in the development of educational file, and reduce the gap with other countries in this area. "

He explained that "Iqbal briefed on a presentation of the company for the operations building and construction and processing," stressing "the need to exploit the spaces and the adoption of vertical construction, especially in urban areas and densely populated centers."

A representative of the French company's presentations in schools, modern methods of turnkey construction, as well as furnished with furniture French, taking into consideration taking the high side of safety and put insulation in the walls, while providing full maintenance of those schools through the Iraqi side processing additional cut for maintenance operations guarantee the maintenance of such schools in case of any occurrences of forms. "

Iqbal pointed to Iraq is looking forward to benefit from the French experience, and support for the educational field in all ways and methods, primarily the construction of schools, seeking to address the few in number, and an end to the phenomenon of double shifts in Baghdad and other provinces. "

The minister also expressed according to the statement expressed his pleasure and appreciation for these feelings toward Iraq, suggesting activated through a partnership between French companies and the Iraqi government, and constructive cooperation to achieve achieved, which everyone aspires.