Media war: raise the Iraqi flag over the cupboard area and securing the southern bank of the Euphrates River

Anbar security of opinion
Security forces lifted on Monday, the Iraqi flag over the wheel area west of Ramadi city and surrounding villages after fully from terrorist gangs Daash edited.
A statement by the cell-Harbi media, received (Opinion International) copy of it, that "the pieces seventh division and a brigade of commandos island and Regiment 16 of the Anbar police and the crowd clan, liberated the cupboard area and surrounding villages full of elements Daash terrorist and raised the Iraqi flag over it."
He pointed to "secure the southern bank of the Euphrates River from modern to gray after the enemy had inflicted heavy losses, consisted of killing 69 terrorists and the destruction of three-wheeled bomb, as well as destroy the rocket launcher."
It has also been "dismantled an explosive device 543, and seven explosive belts, and the destruction of five guided missiles, as well as the arrest of the two terrorists, and the destruction of three 120 mm mortars, and the bombing of 200-liter drums containing material Sifor" .anthy