Petrochemical sector is one of the most important Saudi investments, the most popular and the movement and activity in the United Kingdom

16 British company competing to hold the investment partnerships in Saudi Arabia

Chris Anis Hopkins, executive director of the Business Council, "the Saudi British", said that about 16 British companies have shown interest in participating, and contributing to projects and programs put forward by the vision of Saudi Arabia in 2030, especially the establishment of partnerships in the area of ​​training, health care, and educational programs, and infrastructure projects.
He ruled out Hopkins in a dialogue with "economic" Britain out of the EU affects the trade and economic relations between the Gulf countries , especially Saudi Arabia, stressing the lack of substantial change in the course of foreign relations, and that the London link large economies such as the Gulf states makes them not affected by such shifts and changes. He stressed that the United Kingdom is still a full member of the European Union, and there is an exchange and trading of goods and services across borders, it is also one of the best places in the world to invest in the business Altjarah.valy text of the interview: London will host the round - table meeting on 19 and 20 July about the Saudi Vision 2030, can you talk about the most important issues discussed in this meeting , which in general? We look forward and our colleagues Saudis in the Business Council , " the Saudi - British" to discuss opportunities for enhanced cooperation between the two countries, in light of " the Saudi Vision 2030" plans, and "national transformation program", both of which were launched recently, as the size of the Saudi labor market and potential partnerships between providers training services in order to respond to the challenges of "vision 2030", and will also discuss the outcome of the referendum out of the United Kingdom from the European Union, as well as partnership through opportunities in the "vision 2030", in addition to offering a number of activities, and joint programs to be discussed at the council meeting during the autumn. How do you see Saudi cadres functional skills and opportunities of the labor market? Active education and training institutions in the United Kingdom in particular in Saudi Arabia, whether in the field of vocational and career training, through partnerships and agreements of Higher Education, has a number of British advisers also work with the ministries of labor, economy and planning to advise on skills development issues and partnerships public and private sectors, We look forward to hearing from some of them during the sessions and round-table discussions, as well as discuss opportunities for further strategic partnerships in this sector. What are the main opportunities of partnership between Saudi Arabia and Britain? Certainly there are many partnership between the two opportunities in infrastructure development, including engineering sector, designs and project management, as well as providing professional services in the sectors of education and health care, especially that many members of the British Business Council are the major investors in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. as we look to attract a lot of Saudi Arabia and British small and medium-sized companies together, particularly in the sectors of technology and creativity. How do you see the future of the Gulf investments, particularly in Britain, and Saudi Arabia, following the departure of the European Union, and whether this situation will affect the trade with the region? The fact that we are here in the Business Council "Saudi British" We welcome the statements launched by the Saudi foreign minister from Paris finally, that in which he stressed that the decision to exit from the European Union, will not have a significant impact on Saudi relations, the British, especially the relationships we have with Saudi Arabia relations are very strong in all areas, and the British trade minister Lord Brass cautioned, assured the companies, and investors that there will be no immediate change, and that the United Kingdom is still a full member of the European Union, and there is an exchange and trading of goods and services across borders, it is also one of the best places in the world to invest in the business, and the government has no intention to see this change, and in the end we do not expect that to affect the British out of Saudi investments in the United Kingdom that are still very welcome. Total bilateral trade in goods between London and the Gulf states was estimated at 22.1 billion pounds in 2014 Do you see that this figure is insufficient compared to the size of the major economies of all these countries with a strong economy like Britain? The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets of the most important markets and export destinations in the world to Britain without the slightest controversy, and here it must be pointed out that the United Kingdom issued during 2014 by more than seven billion pounds of goods and services to Saudi Arabia, as the Business Council is working, "the Saudi British "intensely and closely with both governments in order to encourage more trade and investment interfaces. What is your assessment of investment and trade relations between Saudi Arabia and Britain over the past five years? Saudi Arabia is the most important trading partner of the United Kingdom in the Middle East, with increased intra-regional trade and investment between them over the past five years, dramatically, particularly that Britain is also the pioneer investors in Saudi Arabia, where it has more than 200 joint ventures, which is valued at 11. 5 billion pounds, as we note that investors from Saudi private sector, they have a very active investment movement in the real estate market in the United Kingdom, as well as some of the other industrial sectors and there are about six thousand British company exports its products to Saudi Arabia, what makes the larger countries in the Middle East trade partnership hand. What advantages and facilities provided by Britain to foreign investors and the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia of business in particular? The British government offers support and advice to investors Saudis and the Gulf Cooperation Council, through the agency of UK Trade & Investment Development as well as the Saudi-British Business Council and is also able to help those who want to invest through a network of members, and close communication with the government. By virtue of your office, executive director of the Business Council, "the Saudi-British" What tips and information you wish to provide the Saudis to investors in Britain in the coming years? I would like to assure this dialogue that the United Kingdom is still one of the best places in the world to do business and investment in the presence of the rules and regulations of a clear flexible through tax competitive framework of the labor market, and we remain fully open to working with all our international partners, including Saudi investors and the only advice is visit us at the joint Council for seeing opportunities and taking good professional advice. What about British companies that are willing to participate and contribute to the projects and programs, "the Saudi Vision 2030" What's your expectations for this review? We expect the participation of a lot of British companies in the implementation of programs and projects varied, and contribute to the "Vision 2030 Arabia", where he will participate more than 16 British companies in the private discussions of our conference as the "Saudi Arabia of vision" and are looking for adequate information. Figures confirm that the Saudi investments are still weak with Britain compared to other some Gulf countries Can you explain to us what the reasons? Difficult to Saudi investments in the United Kingdom to measure accurately because it comes largely through private sector investment, instead of a sovereign wealth fund, but this is a big investment, like other Gulf states, for example, 5.4 billion pounds amounts exported goods in the United Kingdom Size during 2015, this does not include services where the numbers are not yet available, and the goods shipped through the ports of the United Arab Emirates difficult to estimate accurately. Finally, we want you to talk about the most important more Saudi investments in Britain? Petrochemical sector is one of the most important Saudi investments, the most popular and the movement and activity in the United Kingdom, through SABIC, which has invested in a major industrial area in Teesside, northeast England, and the private sector level there is funding groups Saudi Arabia has the headquarters of the European primarily based in London.