Rivalry between the managers of the "Arab" and "island" because of the coup in Turkey

It provoked a way to cover the Arab media failed coup in Turkey, a broad undecided between Arab activists on social networking sites, crowned Bsjal took place between the channels "Arab managers" and "island" on Twitter.
Director of the channel "Arab" Turki al-Dakhil, a response to the views of activists, including terms of how to cover the Arab happened, defender of the channel in the tweet on Twitter in which he said "the Arab news News also received the Turkish channels such as all channels .. not rejoice coup and joy of failing. We are news channel, joy and sorrow is not our job. " Came tweet channel "Al Jazeera" director Yasser Abu Hilala, as a response to the intruder tweet, stressing that "It is not true that the media does not rejoice and grieve .. Do you cover the funeral of Princess Diana as a cover of her wedding? The death of Mohammed al-Dura, such as the flight of Ben Ali? ". Although the coup attempt did not last for more than six hours, but the repercussions are still cast a shadow over the Arab and international arena, and to excite undecided between Arab activists, forget going into the same coup, he has been busy in the analysis of a person Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid a state of division between supporters and critics of the Turkish head of "survivor."