The reluctance of the Cabinet send another investment law to parliament

Views 27 Date 18/07/2016 - 01:42

Economy News / Baghdad ..

Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith al-Harthy stressed that "there is delay in the Council of Ministers send another investment law to parliament.

Harthy said in a press statement that "the Parliamentary Committee on Economy has amended Act 13 of 2006 {investment} where there have been proposals in the law came to an investor's interest, but the Cabinet did not approve of him and he does."

He added that "This law will give freedom to the investors through the ownership of the land to the investor for a period of 50 to {100} year but he did not because of the delay in the State Council and the Committee of Experts two existing Council of Ministers."
He continued saying "our direct contact with the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in order to address the Council of Ministers and the Shura Council of State for the purpose of accelerating done, despite the reluctance located there to send the legislation to the House of Representatives

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