Electricity up to the highest rate of productivity [14100] MW

2016/7/17 17:58


Electric power reached a higher capacity at a rate of [14100] MW, throughout the day.

A statement by the Ministry of Electricity Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Sunday that "the Ministry of Electricity gained access to the production amounted to [14100] MW, throughout the day on Thursday, and this production and continuity not seen in the national electricity system before," he said, adding that "electricity fitted to the province of Baghdad reached [3900] MW, and processing hours for today in the capital Baghdad and the provinces between 16 and 24 hours, as well as the province of Basra processing electrical energy continuously throughout the day, along with most provinces processing for more than 18 hours, although high temperatures of more than 45 C, accompanied by increased demand for electrical power quantities. "

The statement noted that "the electricity calling on citizens to cooperate with the ministry and the rationalization of electricity consumption as much as possible in order to ensure the continuity of processing more days during the summer hours."

Experiencing the capital Baghdad and central and southern governorates with a sharp rise in temperature, which requires the provision of electrical energy continuously.