Starting edit cupboard area west of Hit process

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A spokesman for the Anbar tribes Ghassan Ithawi, Sunday, the launch of the cupboard edit west eliminate the Heat zone process. He Ithawi L / balance News /, that "starting edit cupboard area located between al-Baghdadi, Hit northern Ramadi launched the process, this morning," adding that "the process will be attended by tribal fighters and lead the island's operations and the desert and the band's seventh purge last stronghold in the south of the Euphrates River." . He pointed out that "the processes that Chen to organize" Daash "terrorist made after Dec. hideouts by coalition aircraft and airline Air Force and the Iraqi army," pointing out that "the targeting of their dens" Daash "in the area lasted for more than a month." He favored the "Edit cupboard area entirely, today, and its invasion and cleared." This military forces locked in fierce battles in different parts of Anbar province, to be cleared of "Daash" terrorist gangs. is over From: Nur al-Din Wahba