Liberals set conditions before its return to the parliament and put up the first of cabinet reshuffle

Special-balances News
It confirmed the Liberal bloc, Sunday, that the current parliamentary sessions "routine", as pointed out that the return of the deputies to the House of Representatives shall be subject to the conditions before implementation. A member of the cluster Majid Ghraoui L / balance News /, said that "the return of the Liberal bloc on customary condition of the parliamentary session where the adoption of special reform decisions." He added that "the meeting should include a discussion of changing the ministers and agents and the general directors or dismiss certain personal need to vote from the House of Representatives." He pointed out that "the return of the block also depends on the corrupt accountable or make important decisions regarding the country away from the routine of meetings."
The liberal bloc confirmed by Abdul Aziz Dalimy said, earlier, continued suspension attend mass meetings of the Parliament while adopting reform and move away from quotas project, noting as well as striving for the government to proceed with the approval of the ministerial cabin. is over
From: Nur al- Din Wahba