UNESCO to postpone meetings in Istanbul until further notice

The President of the Development Center for energy and water and by participating in the meetings of the committees of UNESCO held in Istanbul Laith inch of the 40 Iraqi delegation, Saturday, for the postponement of meetings of UNESCO on the marshes file inclusion Iraqi antiquities to the World Heritage List until further notice, attributing the cause to the current situation in Turkey .
He said an inch in an interview, said that " the meetings of UNESCO for the inclusion of file and the effects of the Iraqi marshlands to the World Heritage List has been postponed until further notice to, because of the ongoing in Turkey events , " pointing out that " the Iraqi delegation will return to the country as soon have it."
He added an inch, that " the next meeting will be in place and the time of others is not approved upon until now," he said . "So in order to vote on the Iraq dossier."
It was hoped to be voting on Saturday, the draft inclusion of the private marshes and Antiquities Iraqi dossier to the World Heritage List , after attending a conservative from the host of the conference Turkish state.